Tsoukas Monastery, Elliniko

Sites & Monuments Tsoukas Monastery, Elliniko

The Holy Monastery of Tsoukas is built near the village of Elliniko (formerly Lozetsi) in the area of ​​Katsanochoria. It dominates at the top of the homonymous rocky hill, above the impressive gorge of the Arachthos river, at an altitude of about 940m.

The monastery, which commemorates the Nativity of the Virgin, was founded -according to local tradition- by the Emperor Isaac II Angelos in 1190, flourished during the Despotate of Epirus, and acquired a large property. However, its presence is confirmed during the period of the Ottoman domination, mostly by the date 1668 that is mentioned in a handwritten comment on the statute of the monastery.

It constitutes a monastic complex of fortress construction, that includes cells, a catholicon, a cistern, a belfry, and a chapel dedicated to the Virgin. In the center of the enclosure stands the Catholicon. It is a single-naved church probably of the 17th century. The interior of the catholicon is covered with frescoes, probably made by Kapesovite painters of the 18th century.

                                                                                                                  Mata Korzti

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