Red stone Monastery – Anthochori

Sites & Monuments Red stone Monastery - Anthochori

It is located on the northern slopes of Peristeri mountain, near the village of Anthochori, and is dedicated to Life-Giving Spring. The monastery was probably founded in the 17th century, and renovated in 1732 by Sergio Dafo, according to the inscription above the central entrance of the catholicon. The convent occasionally suffered a lot of destruction and looting. Today, its catholicon and the renovated cells are preserved and surrounded by a high wall. The catholicon of the monastery is built in the cross-in-square type, known as Athonitikos, characteristic feature of which is the two conches-bays on the right and left of the church, where the monks with their lecterns chanted in, as well as the twelve-sided dome. It has a porch on the west side and a five-sided apse on the east side. The apse is decorated with shallow arches and in the upper part is adorned with a conch with the depiction of Life-Giving Spring, which is flanked by the representations of the Archangels and by four built-in clay panels. Inside the church there are frescoes dating back to the early 19th century. To the south of the Monastery, on top of a small hill, there is the chapel of the Transfiguration of the Savior, from the 17th century.

Vasiliki Dimou

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