Episkopi of Serviana

Sites & Monuments Episkopi of Serviana

At the site of Episkopi in Serviana, on a low elongated hill, a complex of Hellenistic-early Roman period farmhouses was located on the eastern slope of the hill, and an ancient Roman cemetery of imperial times on the western slope.

In particular, on the eastern slope of the hill, the foundations of a large building (building A), as well as part of a second building east of it (building E) were revealed. At the top of the hill, and in the NE part of the site, the foundations of three other, smaller in size, auxiliary buildings came to light, which probably functioned as warehouses or served as animal stables (buildings B, C, D).

In the area of ​​the cemetery 44 tombs of the Roman times were excavated, the majority of which with grave-goods and in the type of pit-grave. The burials were dug in an area of a Neolithic settlement. In total, in an area of ​​approximately 1,100m2, 24 pits have been identified. In terms of shape, they are distinguished in circular and ellipsoidal. The presence of postholes on the interior of particular pits indicates the existence of roofed underground structures.

Eleni D. Vassiliou

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