Mesogefyra of Konitsa

Sites & Monuments Mesogefyra of Konitsa

In the western part of the province of Konitsa, near the Greek-Albanian borders and close to the confluence of the Aoos and Sarandaporos rivers, is located the hill of Mesogefyra, also known as “Pantazi Hill” or “Kastri”. The place owes its name to the demolished bridge located in the Aoos valley, and it has been considered as a strategic point since antiquity, to modern times as well. The area of ​​Mesogefyra geographically belonged to the ancient Triphylia mentioned in ancient literature. The existence of archaeological remains on the hill of Mesogefyra is evidenced from antiquity, but it became widely known by the two horn-shaped swords of the PH II-III period. The use of the area during the Hellenistic times, when there was intense war activity in Epirus, is connected to the strategic position of the hill. Probably in this there must have been a city in this location, that constituted a trading post in an initial phase, and later on, due to the riots, turned into a military installation. The position is permanently abandoned around 150 BC.

Vaso Giannaki

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