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The Ephorate of Antiquities of Ioannina is a regional service of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, with spatial competence in the Regional Unit of Ioannina. It is subordinate to the General Directorate of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage. It is responsible for the protection, promotion, consolidation and restoration of monuments, antiquities and cultural heritage in general (Law 4858/2021, FEK220/A/19-11-2021). In this context, it licenses or recommends and advises on issues to the Local Council of Monuments of Epirus or the Central Archaeological Council.

Two important organized archaeological sites, the ancient Dodoni and the inner citadel (Its Kale) of the Castle of Ioannina, which are open to visitors, fall within its jurisdiction, as well as two museums, the Archaeological and the Byzantine Museum of Ioannina, where archaeological finds are exhibited, which present human activity in Epirus over time.

At the same time, it carries out or supervises important projects for the protection and promotion of cultural heritage in the region, such as the work of maintenance, restoration and promotion of the theatre and other monuments of the Sanctuary of Dodoni and the work of promotion of the wider area of the northeastern citadel of the Castle, with the primary objectives of preserving the monuments as a cultural asset and making them available to visitors.

It carries out rescue and systematic excavation research and has the following responsibilities for the conservation and documentation of archaeological finds and the study and research of their results.

In addition, within the framework of the Programmatic Contracts with local institutions (the Region of Epirus, the Municipalities and the Metropolis of Ioannina and Druinoupolis Pogoniani and Konitsa), it supervises numerous works concerning ecclesiastical monuments in the area of its competence. At the same time, it implements archaeological investigations and works as sub-projects in technical projects of other institutions.

The Ephorate’s communication and outward-looking work includes the organisation and hosting of periodic exhibitions, the implementation of educational programmes, the organisation of digital activities, events, conferences, lectures, artistic performances, as well as the implementation of important scientific publications.

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The general coordination of the multifaceted work of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Ioannina is the responsibility of the Deputy Head Mrs. Varvara N. Papadopoulou, Dr. archaeologist. At the same time, the Ephorate consists of five Departments, whose role is distinct and crucial for its smooth and effective operation. In particular, these are

  • the Department of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities and Museums, headed by Paraskevi Youni – archaeologist,
  • the Department of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Antiquities and Museums, headed by Irini Kalogianni – archaeologist,
  • the Department of Archaeological Works and Studies, headed by Christos Tsakοumis – architect-engineer,
  • the Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, headed by Avgi Efthymiadou – conservator of antiquities and works of art,
  • the Department of Administrative and Financial Support, headed by Anthoula Kaliossi – administrative financial officer

The Departments are staffed with the correspondingly qualified personnel, who implement the work of the Ephorate. These are archaeologists, archaeologist – museologist, civil engineers, surveyors, conservators of antiquities, photographer, artist, accountant, administrative staff, workers and security guards.

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General coordination
Varvara N. Papadopoulou

Design – Editing
Sofia Kigka, Archaeologist – Museologist,
Nikolas Kyramarios – Administrative Officer

Text Writing

The archaeologists of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Ioannina:

Anastopoulou Manthoula, Vassiliou Eleni, Georgoulas Georgios, Giannaki Vassiliki, Giouni Paraskevi, Dimitrakopoulou Polyxeni, Dimou Vassiliki, Zogaki Athina, Kalogianni Irini, Kappa Harris, Katsadima Ioulia,  Kigka Sofia, Klitsas Christos, Kortzi Stamatia, Kotzampopoulou Eleni, Kyrkou Thalia,
Panatsis Angeliki, Papadopoulou Varvara, Papaioannou Dimitra, Skalisti Eleni, Faklari Ipatia, Filidou Anthoula, Charalambous Sotirios, Choinas Nikolaos,

Tsigoulis Panagiotis

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